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Hawaiian Village Coconut Cooking Spray

100% MCT (medium chain triglyceride) oil

Neutral flavor for a great medium heat cooking oil

3 spray settings: Drip, Stream, or Spray!

Hawaiian Village Coconut Spray 100% MCT Oil is a highly refined coconut oil in a liquid form. This 100% MCTs oil is made to be used as a cooking oil at a 315°F smoke point, or 157 °C. Liquid coconut MCTs oil is easier to use and does not solidify like regular coconut oil. Some liquid coconut oils are less processed and yield only 65 to 70% or use palm kernel oil to make MCT oil which are not recommended for cooking. 

Hawaiian Village Coconut Spray 100% MCT Oil is refined only from coconut oil. In the United States, liquid coconut oil is sold with regular coconut oil in many stores and becoming very popular with consumers.

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