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California Olive Oil Council

About The COOC


The COOC is a trade association that uses its Seal Certification Program to preserve the highest standards within the olive oil industry. With over 400 members that includes growers, producers, service providers, retailers, and other California olive oil supporters. The COOC represents over 90% of all olive oil production in California.

There are over 400 producers of olive in California with over 75 olive varieties. Over 4 million gallons of extra virgin olive oil was produced in California in the 2015-2016 harvest.


















Sensory Analysis Requirements

After the chemical evaluation is passed, the oil must be evaluated by the COOC Taste Panel and pass the sensory requirements in a blind test.


All members of the COOC Taste Panel have gone through intensive training and are required to participate in 6 exams annually to maintain its calibration with international standards. The COOC Taste Panel is recognized as an accredited panel be the American Oil Chemist Society.

The Certification Process


An oil must go through both a chemical and sensory evaluation in order to be COOC certified. COOC producer members must submit their oil every harvest for evaluation and recertification.

Chemical Analysis Requirements


-Oleic Free Fatty Acid level no more than 0.55


-Peroxide Value of 15 meq o2/kg or less


-Ultra Violet Absorbency (required for producers of 100 gallons or more)

  • K 270 less than 0.22

  • K 232 less than 2.50

  • Delta K less than 0.01

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